9/12/2015 2:13:00 PM
Letter: We beg to differ that 'Nothing will change'


After the echo of  Tom O'Halleran's "Nothing's going to change," we have been moved to speak up.

The push to bring about a National Monument to the Sedona / Verde Valley area is completely without
warrant. While there is no reason to oppose the KSB (Keep Sedona Beautiful) group for some of the
amazing things they have done for Sedona in the past, there is much to be said for the public process
or lack thereof by KSB to push a virtually unwritten and unseen proposal under the leadership of
then-President of KSB, Tom O'Halleran.

The now KSB ex-president went on to say that the 31-point handout of what would be included in the
final proposal would be in a whole other verbiage of which proclamations are normally and formally
written. Yes, I am paraphrasing. We ask. Where is this proposal? Who is writing this proposal?
Moreover why has no one seen the progreess of this proposal?

"Conflict of interest" was given by O'Halleran, stated in the weekly KSB meeting on Aug, 6, which I
attended, that he would be stepping down from his position as KSB President, due to his run for
Congress, which was announced on Aug. 4. And so the proper expectation might be that we should
honor and be grateful for his conscientious decision. I think not. Unfortunately for O'Halleran, it
presents itself as a politically strategic move to get this ball rolling and then announce his candidacy
for Congress.

After diving into what it would entail for the enormous undertaking to make the Sedona/Verde Valley a
National Monument, it is strongly believed that there is just not enough information available to the
80,000 residents of the Sedona/Verde Valley, to consider such a change.

The notion to land-lock an entire city comes with risks where no one can guarantee that "nothing will
change." There has been little or no investigation nor enough study of the area to provide details of
unintended consequences and the repercussions of non-existent dispersement of grants that
O'Halleran and others who have followed him to date are depending on. Or are they depending on its
citizens to bank this project along?

As small groups have aligned themselves with others to get the word out, we have become more
aware of the lack of due diligence in KSB's public process. The question of who or what group actually
brought the ridiculous idea to KSB to push this Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument
proclamation proposal, has brought about much confusion, yet everyone and no one wants to step up
and explain how this took off without any discussion with the rest of us.

And while a select few have been supposedly planning, creating and writing a proposal, no one has
come clean about how the changes of a National Monument status for Sedona/Verde Valley could
affect the general and conditional recreational use of the land.

"Nothing will change" has been the O'Halleran chant, but the hikers, bikers, horseback riders, runners,
walkers, explorers, tourists, and many of us who use this public land for recreational and spiritual
ambiance for vacation, rest, and well-being, are not buying into it!

From what has been put into the public eye, neither are the vast majority of residents that consist of
real estate agents, businesses, tour companies, residents, retirees, students, and outlying
communities who will undoubtedly be affected.

So again, we have to ask; where is this proposal? Who is writing this proposal? Moreover why has no
one seen the progress of this proposal?

Lina Rueda

Concerned Citizens

of Sedona/Verde Valley
From the Verde Independent (top)
Red Rock News (Bottom)
O'Halleran "Nothing will Change".  Really - Tell that to the
residents of other towns AFTER National Monument
Designations when things did NOT go according to the
PROMISED "plan".