Canada has it right!
~ Devolution: A Canadian Solution to Excessive Federal Ownership of Public Lands

~ Since 1968 more than 108,916,684 acres have been designated as "Wilderness"!
The Only Solution Big Enough

The Transfer of Public Lands is the Only Solution
  • Adequately Fund Education
  • Better Care for the Environment
  • Grow the Economy: both Locally and
  • Gain Some Sense of Energy

For most western states, federal funds comprise
the single largest source of state revenues –
30-50% of most States’ revenues are federally
sourced according to “A Study of Key
Dependency Measures for the 50 States”(
CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP). However, the U.S.
Government Accountability Office regularly
remarks that federal finances are
“unsustainable.” Former Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen warned that
the national debt “is the greatest threat to
national security.”

As stated by U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski in a
recent discussion on the future of the PILT and
SRS programs in the Senate Natural Resources
Committee “The federal government is
broke here.
We can’t continue to pay
counties to not utilize the lands within their
… You need to be able to access
the resources that are on your lands. We either
need to utilize our federal lands to generate the
revenue and the jobs for our rural communities
or we should divest the federal government of
those lands and let the states or the counties, or
boroughs manage them.” (Sen. Murkowki’s
comments can be seen at the American Lands
Council YouTube Channel).
When you get
1000 trees an
acre, sucking all
the water, bugs
attack, trees die,
raging forest
fires destroy.  It
does not have to
be this way.
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Primer to the American Lands Council efforts:
Take a close look at this map....

Undoubtedly, you've seen maps like it before. It is a map of the lands claimed by the federal government of the United States of
America. And, undoubtedly, you can see that there is a huge discrepancy between the lands east of Colorado and those west. You
may have even thought about the huge financial hardships that this map represents for American citizens of the West, or the lack
of access all Americans deal with when trying to enjoy our "public" lands.

In the past few years, you may have become aware of how the federal mismanagement of their lands has resulted in chronic
catastrophic wildfires which have polluted the air, burned millions of animals senselessly, and destroyed the watershed for
generations. You may have learned about how Congress uses their power over the West to extort votes from western legislators at
the expense of every American.

But ponder this...

This map was provided by the Department of the Interior as a representation of the lands controlled by the federal government in
1968! Over 47 years ago! And did you know that the very FIRST "Wilderness" area designated by the federal government
happened in 1968! And since 1968 more than 108,916,684 acres have been designated as "Wilderness" and that number is
growing rapidly. This massive overreach of federal power has left westerners in the dire situation they now find themselves in.

What about your state? How many acres of Wilderness or Monuments have been created since 1968? Do you have better access
to your public lands...or worse? Are your forests healthier since 1968...or dying by the thousands of acres? Is your state in a better
financial condition than it was in 1968...or is it struggling? And last but not least, which of your elected officials are fighting for your
state's sovereignty and well-being by stemming the tide of federal control over your lands?

Elections are just around the corner and most candidates for office realize that the Transfer of Public Lands is a very important
topic on this election's platform. Many will say the right things. But I encourage you to do your homework. If they have already been
in office, what have they done to protect your state, rather than bow to the federal government every time they grab another chunk
of land? If they have never been in office, do they truly understand the principles of local land management? Will they stand strong
to defend the Constitutional rights of your state against the onslaught of federal overreach?

Or will they bend with the wind of "compromise", more worried about the next election than the welfare of their people?

Hmmm....definitely something worth pondering....

American Lands Council