Did the Opposition to the National Monument Issue Fall Asleep?

by J. Rick Normand, Financial & Investigative Columnist


Angela LeFevre and Nancy McLean Brown, and their new hired gun, Neil Bethell Sinclair, who has expertise in “the political landscape,” made the mistake of thinking so! Arizona Liberty (“AZL”), comprised of Mike Schroeder, Dwight Kadar, this writer, and Susan Amon, was the leader of the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rocks National Monument (“SVVRRNM”) designation opposition that crushed the left-wing effort to induce Ann Kirkpatrick to make a formal request to President Obama to use his Constitutionally-challenged power of governance by Executive Order to create the SVVRRNM.


But, after Angela LeFevre left the Sedona City Council in a huff over her 6-to-1 defeat in her attempt to get the City’s endorsement of the National Monument issue, not to mention a defeat in 100% of the City Councils and unincorporated townships in the Verde Valley, she’s trying to backdoor the issue again by forming another of her coalition’s (her favorite word) known as “Save Our Ancient RedRocks (SOAR)” – a 501c3 nonprofit organization (which doesn’t seem to have obtained from the IRS a Letter of Determination). Her newest call to arms is “Who could not live in this amazingly beautiful place and not want to ensure its permanent protection?” which is a tactic to make her personal national monument quest one of taking the moral high ground notwithstanding the wishes of 86% of the residents of the Verde Valley to the contrary who understood the terrible deliberately hidden consequences. If you, dear reader, don’t know the consequential legal, economic, environmental and moral arguments AGAINST the Red Rocks National Monument issue, which caused its defeat last year, just go to the far upper right hand corner of this website and type into the search box “J. Rick Normand,” then click on “Go,” and all seven articles that I wrote on this subject will appear. They will recount the magnitude of the legal, economic and environmental nightmares western states have been forced to endure as a result of latter day national monument designations.


Nevertheless, here we go again!


Apparently LeFevre, Brown and Sinclair, as well as The Sierra Club, and the same old cast of characters from the last failed effort have decided that all of you should revisit the issue again before it’s too late to get the President to stick it to the State of Arizona before he leaves office. So, these three have formalized an effort to get all of you to change your minds and, therefore, overwhelm Arizona’s Congressional delegation with your demands that they pile into the White House demanding that the President save our Red Rocks from...well, no one is quite clear as to whom or what we’re supposed to save our Red Rocks from other than the always implied ogre of ever-so-evil American capitalism. So, why would Angela LeFevre choose to try to revive this unpopular issue? You have to understand who she is, her Marxist political background and her current political belief-system. If you want to better understand her motivation, go to the comment blog roll at this link:




Meanwhile, we at AZL had no doubt that Ms. LeFevre and Ms. Brown thought, after their last resounding defeat, that AZL would disband or just fall asleep at the wheel. No, ladies, we knew you all too well! We knew you’d be back irrespective of the outcome imposed upon you by our Constitutional Republic, our sovereign state and the vast majority of opposed local opinion. We knew your revival tactic would be to try to get a petition drive going to enlist a huge number of non-Verde Valley Arizona residents to sign your petition in order to present a false impression that local opinion on the issue has somehow reversed itself in less than eight months. Knowing what you would do and the tactics you would enlist to try to accomplish your socialist goal, we at AZL took a different manner of opposition strategy by choosing to engage with our own coalition...comprised of the State of Arizona Legislature in the persons of Rep. Bob Thorpe and Senate President Pro Tempore Sylvia Allen, Governor Ducey, and Arizona Congressional Representative, Paul Gosar.


Following below is what AZL has supported and who we are working with instead of conducting bogus petition drives, raising donations based on false premises and disseminating false moralistic publicity pieces:


Congressman Gosar has resurrected the 1884 Anti-Deficiency Act [U.S. Code Title 31 Section 1341-Anti-Deficiency which has never been rescinded by Congress or overturned by any federal court] which prohibits federal agencies from obligations or expending federal funds in advance or in excess of a Congressional appropriation [of funds], and from accepting voluntary services. In other words, any Executive Order by President Obama for the enabling of SVVRRNM will NOT be able to get any enabling funding requested by The National Park Service, the BLM, the USFS or any other federal agency without a formal U.S. House of Representatives approved appropriations bill which will NEGATE the President's Executive Order. Doubtless, this is the real reason that Ann Kirkpatrick doesn't want to support Angela's continuing effort. I have talked with Rep. Gosar face-to-face to discuss this and I will promise you the Republicans of Arizona’s Congressional delegation are thoroughly prepared to PREEMPT Angela LeFevre’s, Nancy Brown’s and Neil Sinclair’s effort to revive the National Monument issue.


Concurrently, Governor Ducey has signed Rep. Bob Thorpe’s bill, namely House Bill 2585, which is now law in our State, which requires the Arizona State Land Department to “determine whether the limits of a parcel comprising a national monument” in our state “are confined to the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected by the national monument.” Keep in mind that national monuments in the western U.S. average 175,000 acres in size whereas national monuments in the eastern U.S. average 50-100 acres (that is not a misprint!). Notwithstanding Angela LeFevre’s demonstrated inability to understand U.S. Constitutional Law (see weblink recited above), the State of Arizona does have the right and Constitutional sovereign authority to hold the federal government to the restrictive language contained within the very law that President Obama uses to create national monuments. Even the Arizona Game and Fish Commission has come out against the creation of more national monuments in Arizona. We here in Arizona have already lost more than 100,000 acres of State Trust land to the creation of federal land management and oversight entities which have severely limited state land trust revenues that were earmarked to support our schools. The worst hypocrisy I’ve heard in years is the claim by Angela LeFevre that “she is for education in our state.” How does cutting the State’s ability to fund school programs help education?  Ms. LeFevre, our schools don’t need your misguided help! And, your recurrent Save Our Ancient Red Rocks National Monument drive is anti-AZ schools.


So, Ms. LeFevre, we recognize that your newest and greatest National Monument movement is a flat out ruse to camouflage your Marxist bias towards total federalism! You’re in Arizona, not Leeds, England Ms. LeFevre. Out here, we like to run our own affairs rather than have the Feds do it and enforce their will upon us with their federal police force. You’ve had 12 years here to figure that out!