Let's all use some critical thinking skills folks. Forget about saving land or animals or trees, or
insects for a minute. Why is this national monument being foisted upon us as a land lock?
What does this really accomplish in the long term, grand scheme of things?  There is nothing
to mine here, there can already be no land trades except for Uptown for Red Rock Loop Rd.  I
can't take land in Phoenix and trade it for Sedona. Our major infrastructure problems here are
NOT the owners, it is tourists. What we lose by being inholders in one of the highest
designations of federal land, and highly restrictive is quite significant to our private property
rights and jeopardizes the long term future of our community remaining a community.  We are
talking about placing the national monument right up against
every border of the town and
homes here, it's completely unnecessary in any sense of the idea.  Given the dire legal
ramifications and risks, I am highly suspicious of the motives and the adamant refusal to
move the lines away from the private property, leaving us
no buffer zone between high
restriction and regulation and the
lenient USFS rules that we currently enjoy. What happens
when someone wants to do something that is allowed in the proclamation and we are told the
management plan requires that 4 million dollar NEPA study be done?   Remember this already
happened to the inholders in Boulder, Utah who were land locked inside the national
monument.  The actual city of Boulder, Utah  is NOT inside the National Monument, like the
Red Rock Loop Rd is not inside the city of Sedona.  In this case all the land here would be
land locked inside the monument, and when you are in the monument you are subject to its
rules and regulations, there is an overlap.

What is left of Boulder is a town designed to serve the needs of hoards of tourists; Marriott
would be happy. 2/3rds of their school district shrank, as the families moved away due to
losing their land thanks to NEPA and other regulatory burdens they could not comply with on
their own private property, forcing them to sell to 175,000 acres of inholder property to the
feds. Then more families left due to the faltering school system caused by the lack of property
taxes because the feds took the inholders land. The Chamber says... everything is great, we
represent all these tour based businesses and they have more tourists, so we are happy.  The
Chamber of Commerce works for a select few businesses that feel they need the Chamber. I'll
bet there are no non tourist businesses who are members of the Chamber in Boulder, Utah.   I
actually follow the Chamber's antics, enough for any environmentalist to shudder. Here are
some examples of this lobbying groups efforts:
Boulder Utah - Recipie for
Seonda-Verde Valley?

Comments and research by Kristin Monday