Antiquities Act of 1906 – National Monuments  (THE LAW - Read it HERE)
•        Designated unilaterally by Presidents
•        No citizens or elected official involvement
•        Used in emergencies to protect historic artifacts and sites
•        Confined to the “smallest areas” necessary

Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument, Utah
•        Designated unilaterally by President Clinton (1996)
•        Not supported by local stakeholders, Utah Governor, or State officials
•        Announced with  24 hours advance notice to the Utah Governor
•        Encompassed 1.9 million acres

Grand Staircase – Unintended Consequences
•        Managed by Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
•        Promised “no changes to management guidelines”
•        Restricted property access for road repair, fence maintenance, etc.
•        Degraded businesses, grazing, and quality of life
•        Concluded “officials have deliberately misled the public “

Sometimes the public gets input -many times NOT.  More OFTEN than not, the
ORIGINAL plans for a National Monument is NOT followed, exceptions
continue to morph.  

Do YOU want SEDONA and the Verde Valley to be a TEST bed for a totally
NEW and untried concept?  Encasing a CITY totally INSIDE a National
Monument, making the ENTIRE CITY and the residents in INHOLDER?
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