Your tax bill just came in the mail this week.
Please review it and you’ll find another SFD tax
increase. 9% for 2017! This year’s budget totals
almost $17 million!

That 9% increase is on top of 6% in 2016; 11% in
2015; 24% in 2014; 22% in 2013; and 10% in 2012!
SFD taxes have increased 114% in the last five
years. That means SFD taxes have more than
doubled under Chief Kazian’s watch! SFD taxes
now represent 27% of the total tax bill, more than
school district taxes of 23%.

SFD now wants an additional $18 million (plus
another $3 million of interest) of your tax dollars
for a bond issue. That’s in addition to the $17
million annual budget.

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Send a message to the SFD Governing Board and
Chief Kazian:

Arizona Liberty’s mission is to inform Sedona Fire
District taxpayers of the ongoing waste and abuse
of their tax dollars before they vote this November
on a bond issue and before they receive their
property tax bill.  Arizona Liberty also wants to
impact the financial decisions of the Governing

The Governing Board has proposed spending $26
million for capital outlays, $18 million through a
bond issue and $8 million from future property

Since the 2012-13 fiscal year, the Governing Board
has approved more than $78 million for employees’
wages and benefits, while approving only $7 million
for capital outlays, less than 10% of approved
personnel expenses.  The $7 million included $2.3
million for a brand-new station that handles less
than one call per day at a cost of $11,500 per call.  
Much of the proposed $26 million of capital outlays
have been sacrificed in favor of higher and higher
wages and benefits.  Now, the Governing Board
wants taxpayers to pay a $26 million tab.

The Governing Board also tentatively approved a
$17 million budget for fiscal year 2017–18, an
increase of $1.1 million, almost 7% higher than the
prior year. This budget is $5.4 million higher than
fiscal year 2012-2013 actual spending, an increase
of 47%. The proposed budget includes additional
support staff positions and a .3% cost of living
adjustment (COLA) for employees.

During the six-years Fire Chief Kris Kazian, a
Phoenix resident, has managed District operations,
increases include 13% more operations staff, 31%
additional personnel expenses, 47% more total
expenses, and 63% higher District property taxes,
while general inflation increased less than 7% and
square-mile area covered and population protected
remain the same.

Arizona Liberty, dedicated to informing Sedona,
Verde Valley, and Northern Arizona residents of
important issues that impact their daily lives, was
instrumental in defeating efforts by radical
environmental groups last year to have Sedona
designated a national monument through a
Presidential proclamation under the 1906
Antiquities Act.  

Arizona Liberty hopes to have the same success in
defeating Sedona Fire District’s bond request.
    We asked Sedona Fire District Chief Kris
    Kazian to do an uneditied video interview
    so he could answer questions and talk
    directly to the public.  
Station #4 - Sedona, AZ
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