From: Kris Kazian []
Sent: Friday, August 04, 2017 4:22 PM
To: Mike Schroeder <>
Subject: Meeting Offer

Mr. Schroeder,

I certainly hope this email finds you staying dry- we have had some pretty good monsoon storms and it is raining pretty good as I write! I also
hope that the Fire Prevention staff were able to help you with your Knox Box lock need a few weeks ago.

I just got around to watching the latest AZ Liberty videos. In one of the segments the group has offered the chance to sit down and meet with
me. As you are aware, I have offered that numerous times to you and many of those who seem to be affiliated with AZ Liberty to no avail.

Please let this be my official invitation to meet with whoever would like to meet with me from your group. I am not sure who the official
spokesperson is for the group but I can assure you Mr. Kadar has been clear he has no interest in meeting with me or hearing anything I have
to say (his words in a FaceBook post and other communication with him or his wife). I also know I have expressed an interest to meet to you
multiple times as well without success. Who do I need to contact if it is not you.

I would love to get a group together, discuss the concerns of AZ Liberty as they relate to me and the Fire District. It is clear in the video
segments that I am certainly at the bullseye of the allegations being presented in the video. I am concerned that AZ Liberty is taking
considerable liberty with the facts and I would like to clear up any concerns the group may have.

As a matter of fact if the group is not too large- I would love to host the meeting at my house. I would be honored to show you all where I live
and affirm I do in fact live in Sedona- regardless of what the tax deed says. By Tax Assessor rule, I do not believe you can have 2 primary
residences so by default- the second home I bought is not listed as primary by tax assessor definition, hence I guess it is listed as secondary.
Regardless, it is my primary place of residence and would be happy to host a gathering if appropriate.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get something on the schedule.

Kris Kazian

Fire Chief

928.204.8924 – Office Direct

847.778.0411 – Cell

From: Mike Schroeder <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 9, 2017 17:42
To: Kris Kazian
Cc: Dwight Kadar
Subject: RE: Meeting Offer

Mr. Kazian,

I apologize for taking a few days to respond to your offer.  Coordinating schedules has been a minor issue.

Two Arizona Liberty representatives, plus a videographer, will conduct a one-hour interview using the following format:

*   You will be asked a series of 15 questions about the Sedona Fire District’s management, financial decision making, the operating budget,
and the upcoming bond issue.
*   You will be videotaped and your unedited responses will be posted on Arizona Liberty’s YouTube channel.
*   You will have three minutes to answer each question, without interruption, just like the “Public Comment” part of Sedona Fire District Board
Meetings. The video camera will be turned off at three minutes.
*   You will represent the Sedona Fire District and only you will be present during the interview.

If these conditions are acceptable, please let us know so we can arrange a time and place to get together.

We look forward to sitting down and going over the topics.

You may respond with dates to either Dwight or myself, or both.

Mike Schroeder

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From: Kris Kazian []
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2017 11:19 AM
Cc: Dwight Kadar <>
Subject: Re: Meeting Offer

Mr. Schroeder and Mr. Kadar,

Thank you for your offer to meet. Based upon the parameters you have given it does not seem like the intent of having a 2 way dialogue to
better understand the concerns you may have with me or SFD operations as well as how SFD can address those concerns will be the focus. I
will regretfully have to decline your offer based upon your proposed format and under advisement of legal counsel.

Please note- I am happy to meet in a more traditional setting with an open format, one where we can respectfully have a dialogue with one
another and work towards solutions. This is about our community and providing emergency response in responsible and practical ways and I
am always open to learn different perspectives and find alternate solutions.

Kris Kazian
Fire Chief
Sedona Fire District

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From: Mike Schroeder []
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2017 12:57 PM
To: 'Kris Kazian' <>
Cc: 'Dwight Kadar' <>
Subject: RE: Meeting Offer

Dear Mr. Kazian,

I appreciate your response.  However I find it interesting that you are willing to write very long answers and explanations regarding your points
of view in the Red Rock News, and the Villager when communicating using "friendly" media and can control your comments but are unwilling to
talk to all of the voters in an unedited YouTube interview.  When the public wants to make a comment during a Fire Board meeting they are
restricted to 3 minutes, so the conversation is clearly one way.  3 minutes of comments and the public gets reams of paper and dialogue in

We were hoping that you could state your case in a concise and eloquent manner on video so people could actually understand your points
without hearing long and tedious explanations, but apparently not.

Thank you,

Mike Schroeder
Cc: Dwight Kadar